We are the only kombucha based gelato currently on the market, opening your business to a completely new customer base by offering a premium vegan gelato that actually tastes good and is good for you (and your bank account).

Plant-based gelato is a growing category. It fits consumers’ desire to enjoy products that are delicious, healthy and good for the planet. Most other plant-based gelato products position themselves in two categories:

1. Indulgent frozen dessert that just happens to be dairy-free
Consumer buys the product for the taste, the fact that they are vegan/dairy-free is an bonus
2. Better-for-you frozen treat
Consumer is health conscious so they opt for a vegan/dairy-free option

Booch Gelato is both!

Booch Gelato has all the mouth feel, taste and creamy goodness of a traditional gelato but it is 100% vegan.

Made with premium ingredients, our gelato is also gluten free, nut free, palm oil free, is made with no refined sugar and is made with real kombucha. Using traditionally brewed double fermented kombucha gives Booch Gelato its unique flavour that you just can't find in any other gelato. 

We have a range of core flavours and seasonal favourites with the capability of working with you to brew a kombucha flavour which will create a truly unique gelato that suits your menu

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